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Tualatin Valley Community Band 

Doug Saxton Memorial Scholarship Recipients

On May 1, 2003, the Tualatin Valley Community Band Board of Directors announced the winners of the 2003 Doug Saxton Memorial Scholarship. This year, one outstanding high school senior was chosen by the scholarship committee:
Justin Bowman
Tualatin High School

Justin has been a member of the Tualatin Valley Community Band for several years. He is a senior at Tualatin High School, and intends to go on to Portland Community College in the fall. Justin is a member of the stage tech crew at TuHS, an activity he would like to continue at PCC.  Justin received a grant of $300 to be used toward college in the fall.

In Memory of Kara Zander

The Tualatin Valley Community Band suffered a tragic loss in November 2002.  Kara Zander, a 1997 graduate of Tigard High School and TVCB member, suffered an untimely death.  We mourn the loss of our friend and fellow musican.

To honor Kara, the Zander Family has requested donations be designated to the Doug Saxton Memorial Scholarship fund.

Kara enjoyed playing clarinet with the band and looked forward to Tuesday nights when we practiced.  Our prayers are with her family and friends.

About The Scholarship

The Tualatin Valley Community Band established the Doug Saxton Memorial Scholarship Fund in 1997.  This scholarship honors the Band's first board president and serves as a memorial to Band members who were taken from us.

Doug Saxton served as board president until his passing in 1997.  Kara Zander was a young clarinet player just starting her adult life until a tragic accident in 2002. 

Doug was a strong believer in education, and Kara was on her way to becoming a teacher.  We feel that this scholarship is the most appropriate way we can keep the memory of our friends alive. 

The Saxton Memorial Scholarship is open to:

  • Graduating seniors, who are 
  • Members or past members of the band, who 
  • Will be attending college in the fall, who 
  • Have shown an ongoing interest in music, and who 
  • Express a desire to continue an interest in music. 
Grades are a secondary consideration.  Financial need is not a consideration.

Applications are usually available by the first of March, and are due back by the first of April.

Previous Scholarship Recipients
  • 2002 - Lisa Hasuike, Elizabeth Lewis, Karri Pasteris 
  • 2001 - Melinda Cone
  • 2000 - Alex Lewis, Rebecca Mason, Danielle Mayers, Evan White, Jeremy Zander
  • 1999 - Chris Cone, Myra Garner, Luis Jose Rivas
  • 1998 - Rian Cartmell, Amanda Nottke, Hanna Reid, Todd Rogers, Jamie Treat

If you have questions about the Scholarship Fund or about the 2003 winners, please drop an e-mail toTim Roberts,